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Quick Turn Around Glasses in Lancashire at Excellent Rates

Do you need quick turn around glasses in Lancashire urgently? At The Spectacle Factory, we offer super-fast delivery of your spectacles when you need them. You may have broken your glasses, misplaced them or lost them, and are left without a spare pair, or you need an extra pair while traveling. As a regular wearer of prescription glasses, it’s a smart move to invest in an extra set when you change your prescription. Lots of people don’t wear their glasses all the time, and find themselves in trouble when they realise they’ve come out of the house without carrying their specs with them. You could keep an extra pair in the car or in your handbag so that you’ll have a pair handy. Often, you may have chosen the frames with great care so that they suit your face shape, size and your lifestyle. It’s a good idea to get one more pair exactly like it, so you don’t find that we don’t have it in stock when you need another pair.

For clients in Lancashire, quick turn around glasses are a convenient facility that we offer to clients across the Lancashire region and beyond. We can assure you that 90% of prescriptions can be ready within an hour. We use our iTerminal measuring system to get you a completely customised fit that’s tailored to match your posture, the angle of your neck and the level at which you place your head. This is also a process that helps to identify your leading eye and incorporate that information into your prescription. Though this may take quite a while longer than at another optician’s, what you get is a bespoke product that is in sync with your unique needs, preferences and budget.

One of the things to keep in mind while selecting quick turn around glasses in Lancashire is the fact that the time taken could depend on your vision type, the lenses and frames chosen. We can even make your glasses while you wait. When you need new glasses in a hurry, contact The Spectacle Factory. Whatever your requirement, we guarantee the highest standards of care, affordable rates, excellent service and after-sales follow-up.


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