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Quick Glasses Repairs in Longridge, Excellent Service, Efficiently, Expertly

Perhaps you’ve needed quick glasses repairs in Longridge but your opticians office can’t do repairs. Their only answer to your dilemma is new frames. It never used to be that way. Opticians had the tools in their office to make repairs. Screws get loose, lenses fall out, plastic parts crack and frames may loosen up and slide down your nose.  At The Spectacle Factory, we’re a little old fashioned in one way only; customer service. Our customers come to us because they want to see better than they’ve ever seen before. They like that we supply them with an extensive selection of frames in a broad range of styles and prices. Same day glasses, made in our on-site lab, are a big help to busy people. But, our follow up care is greatly appreciated.

At The Spectacle Factory, we have implemented a VIP EyeCare Scheme for our clients. Included in that scheme is, in Longridge, free quick glasses repairs when possible. We want to emphasise the word “free”. Our scheme also offers, free of charge, warranties and maintenance. We don’t just give you a piece of paper and hope you forget to take advantage of our VIP EyeCare Scheme. On the contrary, we remind you. Every six months we will send you an invitation to take advantage of our free service. We’ll give your glasses an ultrasonic bath, check each screw and joint to make sure they’re in place and tight. If the fit has gotten a little sloppy, we can readjust your glasses to fit snugly as they should.

Quick glasses repairs in Longridge at The Spectacle Factory is a free service to our clients and members. We want your experience with us to be a positive one from your initial eye test to the manufacture and fitting of your glasses and beyond. Contact us today and schedule your eye test. You’ll see better than you’ve ever seen before and we’ll help you maintain your vision with the best aftercare available. Your glasses are an investment in your eye health. Keep them in top shape so they fit correctly and give you the service you expect. If you ever need a quick repair, we’re here and equipped to handle it for you so your inconvenience is minimised. No charge.

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