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Quick Glasses Repairs in Darwen, Professional Service While You Wait

Make use of our quick glasses repairs in Darwen if you’ve lost or broken your pair. At The Spectacle Factory, we provide fast-track services for all makes of spectacles and sunglasses. We have our own on-site manufacturing lab and factory. That’s why we can provide services within the hour while you wait. You can also leave your glasses with us and finish your errands. We’ll keep your repaired specs ready for you to pick up. Keeping the current pandemic protocols in mind, we encourage you to call ahead and make an appointment before you come to our facility. We have incorporated the best of safety measures and hygienic practices to protect our clients.

For our clients in Darwen, quick glasses repairs are an essential service that is useful when you haven’t a spare pair. Quite often, people forget to make a spare when they order their first pair. Or they may replace the original with the spare and then forget to get another one. This makes it difficult when something untoward happens to the first pair. Sometimes, you may damage the frame, the lens may fall out, a screw may work loose, or you bend the frame. If your glasses power is high, it is not possible to wait for a week or ten days till you get a replacement. In such cases, you need an emergency replacement service.

Quick glasses repairs in Darwen could be an emergency requirement. Today, we have incorporated everything you need during the lockdown. With the pandemic in force in most places, a large majority are working from home. Naturally, this leads to greater eyestrain. More than 90% of people who spend more than 3-4 hours a day on digital devices can experience eyestrain. Contact The Spectacle Factory for free non-prescription blue control lenses. These products filter out the blue light that digital devices emit, and which is the main reason for strain to the eyes. If left unattended, this can result in serious damage to the eyes.

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