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Quick Glasses Repairs in Chorley: Saving You Time and Money

We can carry out quick glasses repairs in Chorley. Fortunately, glasses do not break as easily as they once did. The lightweight materials are flexible instead of hard and brittle. But sooner or later, you will accidentally sit on the glasses, drop them on a hard surface or run over them with the car. An arm will break off or the lens crack. Nosepieces may need replacement just because it’s a delicate part. Screws loosen and fall out and so do lenses. Not all optometrist office repair glasses anymore. They don’t want to buy and stock spare parts for all brands of glasses. It’s also not a cost-effective use of time for many practitioners. Setting up a repair area requires some free space for parts storage and working. Many simply do not have the space.

We do things differently. In Chorley, quick glasses repairs is just one of our comprehensive eye care services. Our spacious facility is organised and equipped with the latest technology and skilled technicians. The result is our eye exams are more in depth and exacting. We stock over 1200 frame options. Our lens-crafting lab is on site so we can make your new glasses in one day. We have a special fitting station that fits your glasses to your face, your posture and even your leading eye. We can do all that in one day. Since we have a repair lab on site, quick glasses repairs are simple for us to do for you. Our clients have the opportunity to be part of our VIP scheme. Then you can bring your glasses in for regular check-ups, cleanings, screw tightening and more before the glasses break.

Quick glasses repairs in Chorley is part of our follow up service. We want to get you into the best possible fitting glasses with a prescription that allows for your best vision. We think follow up service is important to your ongoing best use of your glasses. Lens polishing and refitting are beneficial for comfort. Don’t tape your glasses together. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule a time to bring your glasses in for repair. Our repair services extend to non-prescription lenses as well as prescription. So bring your sunglasses and your protective computer glasses. We’ll keep them in like new condition for you and that will extend the life of glasses.


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