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Quick Glasses Repairs in Blackburn, Expertly Completed in the Same Day

Quick glasses repairs in Blackburn is not a stretch for The Spectacle Factory. After all, our state of the art facility has a futuristic lab that can build a new pair of glasses in as little as one hour. So if your glasses are repairable, we can make the repairs the same day as your appointment. If frames are broken, we can usually make repairs or offer replacement frames without the need for new lenses. If a lens is broken, we just make a new one according to your prescription and fit it into your existing frame. There’s rarely a need to completely replace a good pair of glasses. If you are an existing patient with an up to date prescription, we have your information on file so a frame repair or lens replacement is a simple process. Even more so if you’re a member of our VIP club which includes regular free maintenance.

We will repair your glasses even if you didn’t get them from us. In Blackburn, quick glasses repairs are recommended if your prescription is recent and your frames are properly fitted. If not, we will encourage you to make an appointment for a new eye exam. Your prescription may not be optimum and we can certainly remedy that. We have stayed on the cutting edge of technology to improve the quality and accuracy of our patients’ vision prescriptions. We choose quality lens materials for the greatest vision clarity. Now we have the i.Profiler which will give us your i.Scription. This means your vision prescription will be 25 times more accurate. By improving contrast, colour vision and night vision you will definitely see better than you ever have before.

Quick glasses repairs in Blackburn are not a problem with us. If your frames are broken beyond repair and you think you would like new ones, we have over a thousand from which to choose. However, we can narrow that down for you with the Visufit 1000.  We use it to get a 3D scan which shows you in different types of frames and from multiple angles. That makes it easy for you to choose which frame shape and size looks best on you. Contact us to schedule an appointment for the quickest glasses repairs possible. Not only are we quick, but we’re accurate and professional with the kindest customer service.


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