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Professionally Fitted Glasses in Euxton – for Your Perfect Vision

Upgrade your eyewear today with professionally fitted glasses in Euxton. Have you ever felt like your glasses are over or undersized? Or have you noticed that your spectacles tilt to the side when you see yourself in photographs? Selecting the perfect glasses for your face is challenging. In most cases, you choose your frames before setting your lenses. As such, the weight and balance of your lenses alter the balance of your glasses. Also, when you use a mirror to try out your glasses, your view is limited. You only see what the glasses look like when viewed directly in front of you. In reality, people look at you from all directions.

We use the Zeiss Visufit 1000 technology to ensure that your glasses fit perfectly. In Euxton, our professionally fitted glasses will improve your eyesight and enhance your comfort. Like a tailored suit, our technology factors in every aspect of your face, posture and preferences to fabricate the best fit for you. We have a wide selection of spectacle frames. Our opticians can advise on frames that best suit your facial profile. Once you select the types of spectacle frames you like, we use the Visufit 1000 device to generate 3D images and compare how you look with them. The 3D images show how everyone else would see you with the glasses. Aspects that you wouldn’t notice looking directly in a mirror become apparent.

Our opticians’ skills combined with the visufit 1000 technology gives you the best professionally fitted glasses in Euxton. We fabricate most of our prescription glasses on-site while you wait. As such, we can incorporate all the adjustments the visufit 1000 system generates. If you want to try our professionally fitted glasses, contact The Spectacle Factory now. We have been developing eyewear in the UK since 1996. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. We will respectfully answer any queries you have.


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