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Opticians in Kirkham Provide a Friendly, Professional Service

Find opticians in Kirkham for a professional yet friendly service. Give us a call to schedule an eye test. The eye test you receive will be the most comprehensive test you’ve ever experienced. We use modern equipment to ensure the best results. Once you have an eye test, you will have the opportunity to choose from a huge range of gorgeous frames from top names to complete your look. If you enjoy the latest trends and fashions, you will enjoy what we have on offer. As we can manufacture on-site, you’ll have your new glasses on the same day. We provide eyewear for the individual.  Each person is unique, and, as such, each pair of glasses is unique.

Our eye tests are thorough. As such in Kirkham, opticians make the process easy and enjoyable. It is also the best eye test you’ll ever receive. Moreover, our opticians also spend more time on your eye test than most other opticians do. Our services are affordable, thorough and professional. You cannot find a better optician anywhere. Your eye health is our top priority and this is one of the reasons why we use the latest technology to assess your eyes.  We’re an eco-friendly optician. From our store, to our eyewear, we take pride in offering only top rated, eco-friendly services and products. Visit us for the best service for your best vision.

Opticians in Kirkham can assist you with the perfect glasses for your specific requirements. We offer more than just a prescription. We’ll analyse your eyes with the i-Profiler. Thus, this will provide your i-Scription. Hence, this is 25 times more accurate than a regular prescription. Furthermore, it also will help to improve your night vision, colour vision and visual contrast. Contact The Spectacle Factory today and schedule your eye test appointment with the best opticians.  We aim to be the top-rated opticians, not only in Lancashire, but the whole of the UK.  So, for better vision, stunning glasses and an exceptional service, choose our opticians.


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