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Need Quick Glasses Repairs in Preston as You Need to Attend a Meeting?

Need quick glasses repairs in Preston because you have to attend a meeting? Maybe you need them quickly because you really cannot see without them. Those are good reasons to beg your optometrist to finish them as fast as possible. There are a lot of other reasons too. However, at The Spectacle Factory you don’t need a good reason to request a fast repair or even a replacement. We complete 99% of all prescription glasses the same day. Any client with an appointment will be given a thorough eye exam and then choose their frame. Their glasses will be ready in an hour give or take. So if you make an appointment for a repair, it’s likely it won’t take longer than an hour, even if a truck ran over them.

If you happen to be one of our VIP clients, you’ll enjoy free full servicing and adjustments on your glasses every six months for life. Additionally, in Preston, quick glasses repairs are included in your VIP package. You will not only receive fast repairs but free repairs. We take care of our clients like family; for better, for worse and for life. Most repairs are minor; scratched lens, loose screws, broken arm and such. Those repairs are quickly completed. As the leading optometrist in Preston, we have our own award winning on-site lab. So, when your glasses repair means a lens replacement, have no fear. We have precision trained craftsmen working to make sure you see better than ever before.

Quick glasses repairs in Preston is just one of many benefits enjoyed by clients of our state of the art facility. Every staff member is dedicated to your best ever vision and complete satisfaction with your chosen eyewear. Our facility is an attractive and spacious facility where you can relax and enjoy a coffee while you wait for your repair. Contact The Spectacle Factory when you need a quick glasses repair. We’ll schedule you in as quickly as possible and repair your glasses while you wait. We’ll make sure to readjust them for a perfect fit after the repairs are complete. One phone call and the crisis is averted. No special reason is needed for a quick repair. Wanting to get it done and get on with your life is reason enough.


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