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Marc Jacobs Glasses in Elston

When you go to your optician’s office do you see Marc Jacobs glasses in Elston displayed? You will if your optician is part of The Spectacle Factory team. You will also see virtual reality headsets to demonstrate specialised night driving lenses and IPads with software designed for you to experiment with your prescription through different lenses. Do you see an eye terminal to zero in on the perfect fit for your glasses? Eye exams at The Spectacle Factory may take up to two hours but you can still get your prescription glasses while you wait. If your optician hustles you out the door in an hour promising to notify you when your glasses come in, you are not doing your best for your vision. And, with no Marc Jacobs glasses you aren’t doing right for your sense of style.

Get out of that opticians office and get yourself to The Spectacle Factory. That is where you will find in Elston, Marc Jacobs glasses and cutting-edge technology for the clearest and sharpest vision you’ve never had before. You may see a Milan Fashion Week poster on the wall displaying the latest designer fashion eyewear. We travel the world to bring you the styles and designers you won’t find at your opticians office; designers like Marc Jacobs, the youngest designer to win the Perry Ellis award for New Fashion Talent and the Women’s Designer of the Year Award. But your optician has none of his designs. Victoria Beckham and Sofia Coppola’s optician stocks them because they have both been seen wearing his designer glasses.

Maybe the celebrities got their Marc Jacobs Glasses in Elston at The Spectacle Factory. No matter if they did or not; that’s where you can get your men or womens designer glasses. The Marc Jacobs line has is described as sophisticated, glamorous, a little retro and a lot of attention to detail. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule your appointment; remember to allow for extra time because your exam will cover your close and far vision, peripheral and night vision, clarity and graduated vision. We won’t be using flashcards on ice lolly sticks to test your vision. When we’re finished, you will see clearly  and you will look great in your new Marc Jacobs glasses.

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