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Looking For Golf Sunglasses In Preston

Looking- For- Golf- Sunglasses- In- Preston

Are you a keen golfer? You Looking For Golf Sunglasses In Preston? at The Spectacle Factory-in Preston-they stock the renowned ‘Shamir Golf‘ sunglasses with lenses that are designed solely for the golfer in mind. This is the first personalised ophthalmic lens that is specifically for those who play golf. Giving sharp viewing for focal areas-the far distant green, the ball at the players feet and your score card, it has revolutionised the ‘viewing’ for the golfer.

In Preston for golf sunglasses, The Spectacle Factory are the leading provider of sport lenses in the region. Since their inception over 15 years ago, they have demonstrated time and again their outstanding customer service; focusing on the specific needs of each and everyone of the enquiries they receive. Stocking over a 1000 frames and 200 sunglasses, you’ll have no problem finding what you require.

When looking for golf sunglasses in Preston, The Spectacle Factory is the right choice. Take advantage of free parking and visit their premises located in Bamber Bridge. Guaranteeing the lowest prices possible, the comprehensive service you get when you visit The Spectacle Factory is unsurpassed. Book an appointment now and let their dedicated team find the right solution for you.



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