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The Best Prescription Golf Glasses 2020

 “The glasses for golf are exceptional, whilst putting firstly I can see more of the borrows and breaks, also whilst looking down over the shot the glasses don’t cause an issue whereas before I had to take glasses off to putt. I’ve noticed a huge difference with viewing the ball in the distance; I used to lose the flight of the ball as it was landing. All round vision is exceptional and the lens not too dark either. Definitely a good buy.” – Daniel Clark, Senior Pro at Ashton & Lea Golf Club

Vision is crucial to golf more than almost any other sport. Every shot you play is reliant on your ability to judge the distance and the angle to the pin, to spot the rough before you end up in it, and of course read the undulations on the green.

For glasses wearers, conventional eyewear may sharpen their sight, but usually restricts peripheral vision and distorts how they see the ball at their feet. That’s why we partner with Nike Vision to bring you the very best prescription golf glasses available in the UK.

Specialised golf eyewear can improve every aspect of your vision around the course, leaving you to play your best ever game. Here are 5 benefits to our golf glasses:

Improved contrast

The view of a golfer is predominantly saturated with green and blue. The purple lens colour of golf lenses filters out excess blue and green so other colours, such as the white ball or a red flag, stand out in high-definition. This makes it easier to judge distances and track the ball. But it gives you another advantage: because you can discern more details on a green surface, the undulations of the green when putting are far more obvious.

Glare reduction

Glare is the enemy of good vision. When playing into the sun, particularly in winter when it’s low, it can be almost impossible to see clearly. That’s why golf lenses also darken when exposed to bright light. They automatically adjust to the lighting conditions, which is useful as weather can change a lot during a round of golf.

Without golf eyewear

With golf eyewear

Maximum peripheral vision

Peripheral vision is crucial for golfers. When in stance ready to play a shot, you glance to the side to decide where to put the ball before you actually swing. Ordinary eyewear restricts vision is this area quite a bit. Our golf glasses not only have wraparound frames, but the lenses are designed to deliver ultra-clear peripheral vision, something ordinary lenses aren’t capable of. 

Perfect focus when looking down at the ball

This is quite a problem for those who wear bifocal or varifocal lenses. Usually with these kinds of glasses, the lower part of the lens is set for reading distance, so when you try to look down they just don’t focus properly on the floor. You then have to adjust your head (probably subconsciously) which affects your entire posture. This reduces the quality of your swing significantly. Golf eyewear is customised to allow perfect focussing on the ball at your feet and still allow you to read clearly.

UV Protection

Most people under-appreciate the damage that UV does to our eyes. Anytime we’re outside, we are exposed to UV light, which is a major contributor to cataracts, macular degeneration, and skin cancer particularly around the eyes. Naturally, a golfer is more exposed to UV than the average person. Golf glasses have the added benefit of protecting you from 100% of UV light, to help preserve the health of your eyes.

“In the very short period of time I have been wearing my Golf Glasses to play golf, I cannot recommend them highly enough… Firstly for the greatly improved contrast ratio, especially when using a driver off the Tee, making it much easier to follow the ball into the distance, as the ball is far more visible against the background. Secondly and more importantly for myself, there’s a big improvement in my putting accuracy, resulting from the fact that there is now no distortion to the alignment of putter face to hole, which there is with normal varifocal lenses. This is saving me at least one stroke per hole.” – Henry Marro

Golfers invest a lot in their equipment, but too many golfers don’t consider the importance of their vision, and the difference specialised eyewear can make. If you want to discuss how to improve your game by improving your vision, tweet me @specfactory, email me via or call us on 01772 312213.


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