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Lacoste Glasses in Preston

Lacoste glasses in Preston are precision made French spectacle frames.  We fit them with state of the art prescription lenses designed especially for you. We have a wide range of frames that you can choose from.  We find that many patients prefer a trusted name such as Lacoste.  They are best known for their precision watches but their spectacle frames are just as well made. We have the largest stock of Lacoste glasses in the North-West including Lacoste sunglasses and Lacoste kids glasses.  We will make your glasses to suit the frame after you have tried on a wide variety of different shaped frames.  It is most important to get the fit of the frame to your face right.  You will be wearing the glasses most of the day and if they do not fit perfectly can cause pain or discomfort.

When you just must have the latest designer glasses in Preston, Lacoste glasses are at the top of the wish list for all modern fashion conscious people. We use Visureal software on our in-store iPads to enable you to see through many types of lenses.  The type of lens you choose will affect the clarity of peripheral vision and sharpness of night vision. Our high-tech aids allow you to choose the perfect lenses for your new perfect frames. Try on as many different styles as you wish until you find that one frame that is perfect.

Lacoste glasses in Preston will improve your vision. 

Contact The Spectacle Factory today and see how comfortable the eyeglasses are. We take the time to assess every one of our customers and find the right lenses to ensure perfect vision.  We have a manufacturing facility and can make your new spectacles while you wait.  We use a combination of state of the art machines with proven traditional methods to ensure your vision is perfect.  Our team includes a PHD graduate and a university lecturer and they take their time to check a number of different things like posture and position to make sure the glasses are uniquely suited to your eyes.



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