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Kids Eye Tests in Tarleton

Do you know how often you should arrange your kids eye tests in Tarleton? The NHS recommends having your child’s sight tested at least once every two years, and perhaps more frequently if they show signs of needing it. Diagnosing and treating eye and vision problems is easier when children are young, and your doctor or paediatrician will schedule your child for regular visits to an optometrist up to age six. A child may not know that their vision is impaired, so you as the parent need to keep vigilant. If they often get headaches, squint often, or express difficulty trying to see short or long distances, schedule them for an eye test as soon as possible. Receiving the right eye care at an early age can prevent the problem from becoming worse, as well as reducing eye strain, discomfort and the social, educational and emotional problems they might experience as a result of poor eyesight.

Are you unsure if glasses are the right choice for your child? In Tarleton, kids eye tests can give you a definitive answer that offers the best solution for your child. You can find a comprehensive, trustworthy and affordable children’s eye test service at The Spectacle Factory. We provide eye tests that are fifty percent longer than the industry average to ensure that every aspect is covered and nothing is missed. We can recommend the most suitable strength of lens your child will need in their glasses, should they need them. We understand that some children may be resistant to the idea of wearing glasses for many reasons, which is why our friendly technicians will make them feel comfortable about the process and encourage them to pick out their own frames. 

Make an appointment with us today for kids eye tests in Tarleton. If your child is suffering from eye problems, we will make sure it is remedied effectively so that they can enjoy their life to the fullest. When prescribing glasses, we take everything into account, from their stance and posture to their dominant eye. Contact The Spectacle Factory today for kids eye tests that will boost your child’s confidence and development.

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