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Kids Eye Tests in Preston

It’s easy to put off kids eye tests in Preston when all indications are he can see clearly for miles. You and your kid are watching skydivers and he’s counting them as he sees them descend. He gets to 4 before you see one and you’ve got your glasses on. Nothing wrong with his vision, right? Maybe but maybe not. The ability to see the blackboard clearly from the back of the class is not a legitimate eye test. Your child could be seeing two of everything but because he’s always seen two of everything he thinks he can see fine. Schedule an eye test for your child that is inclusive. If you want them to enjoy their eye exam, bring them to The Spectacle Factory.

These are the learning years for your child and they need to see well near and far but also both eyes need to coordinate correctly. Parents in Preston, kids eye test reveal total eye health like peripheral vision, colour blindness and depth perception. Allergy symptoms may show up as itchy eyes. In order to learn and also to be safe and comfortable your child needs healthy eyes with good vision. When our eye tests reveal your child has no vision or eye abnormalities, good! Continue to get him checked every two years. If our tests show a prescription lens is necessary for excellent vision we will likely make them same day. Other vision problems such as lazy eye syndrome, or delay in adapting to light change needs treatment to begin immediately for best results.

Kids eye tests in Preston should be more frequent if they are experiencing vision or eye health problems. Every six months in some instances. We are dedicated to using the very latest technology and techniques for a thorough eye exam and also for making the clearest and sharpest prescription lenses. We know schools do vision testing and those are great for spotting irregularities. If your child does not pass the school test, please bring him in for an in depth exam with us at The Spectacle Factory. However, don’t rely on the school test to expose all eye health issues. Only a thorough eye exam conducted by professionals can reveal how well your child really sees.


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