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Kate Spade Glasses in Tarleton

Kate Spade Glasses in Tarleton are in high demand. Kate Spade New York was established in 1993 as a fashion company. The company was founded by Kate and Andy Spade. After the couple finished University, they moved to  New York City, where Kate worked as a style editor at the Mademoiselle magazine. In 1991, she left the company to start her own handbag line. What followed were a few years of research, experimentation, and networking, which culminated in enough public exposure for the company to turn it into a successful venture.

It’s hard to think that in Tarleton, Kate Spade glasses would be all the rage just a couple of decades later. The first Kate Spade product however, was the Sam handbag, which was a lively coloured bag that was relatively successful. Emboldened by this, Andy withdrew $35,000 from his 401K account, and invested it into the business, which led to Kate’s first handbag line. The line was a success as well, and in 1996, the company opened its first shop in SoHo, New York. This was followed by another expansion, but this time, in the digital space. By the time 1998 rolled around, Kate Spade New York was totaling $27 million in sales. By 2006, it had reached $99 million. In July 2017, the company was bought for $2.4 billion by Tapestry, Inc.

Today, Kate Spade glasses in Tarleton are part of a unique collection that perfectly represents the New York brand. It has a combination of energy, casual vigor and flair, and it is one of the truly inimitable eyewear lines. The glasses can appeal to and complement many personal styles, following Kate’s design motto of “live colorfully”. The frames themselves are manufactured from high quality Italian cellulose acetate, which is a material that allows for crisp colour, playful sophistication and beautiful graphic prints. For more information, contact The Spectacle Factory today. You can ask us about pricing, set up an appointment, or directly drop by our store to view the collection in person.


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