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Kate Spade Glasses in Preston

Kate Spade glasses in Preston are available for practical women with a sense of style. The Spectacle Factory is the place whether you need prescription lenses, reading glasses, sunglasses or all three. You’ll find we have attractive frames to flatter your face in colour shades that you love. Kate Spade frames are so versatile, they can easily go from the office to an elegant dinner or toddler play date. Speaking of toddlers, if it’s Kate Spade you know the glasses are well made and durable. More affordable than many other designers, Kate Spade never compromises on design and style. We want our clients to have a real choice for their frames. So we scour the world for designer frames, unusual frames and our fair share of ordinary. Some people happen to like ordinary. Ours is the largest frame collection you’ll find.

We take the extra steps to make sure your prescription lenses give you the best vision possible. In Preston, Kate Spade glasses have been designed and manufactured to give you your best personal style. You can have great vision clarity and great style but if your glasses don’t fit well, it’s all for nothing since you likely won’t wear them. Before you leave our shop, our technicians make sure your glasses fit your face comfortably and appropriately. The spacing of the nosepiece and the stems must be exact for your glasses to fit perfectly on your face without shifting. We also help you choose frames that give you maximum visibility including your peripheral vision.

Kate Spade glasses in Preston are one of many designers we carry. We probably have your favourite as well. Contact us and schedule your eye exam and expect to leave with your new glasses on the same day.  Our exam process is longer than most because we want to give you the clearest vision possible. We have our own on site lens manufacturing so most of the time, you can get your new glasses in one day. If Kate Spade speaks to your style preference, then don’t stop at handbags. Accessorise your glasses by choosing the design style you already love in your other accessories.


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