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Kate Spade Glasses in Garstang

We have a wonderful collection of beloved designer Kate Spade glasses in Garstang at The Spectacle Factory. If you don’t love your glasses you may be reluctant to wear them. Therefore, choosing a designer and a design you love for your frames will boost your self-confidence while the prescription lens allows you to see better than you have ever seen before. Of course, there is more to choosing the right glasses than just looks. We even have a book available and free to anyone who wants to know about how to choose the right glasses. You may love a frame that looks good on you only to find out the shape interferes with your particular vision prescription.

At The Spectacle Factory, we have a well trained staff to assist with selecting and fitting your frames. In Garstang, Kate Spade glasses in our collection will vary in fit and design. So it’s always best to select several you like and choose the best fit from among them. Style is important but we also want to make sure they fit comfortably, are durable, consistent with your lifestyle and do not interfere with your vision. We spend the necessary time to get it right because we want you to be happy with your glasses and wear them. This is the kind of detail and effort we are known for at The Spectacle Factory. That’s why your eye exam takes longer than it would at most other optometrist.

When you come to The Spectacle Factory for Kate Spade glasses in Garstang we use every available technique and the latest technology to fine tune your vision prescription. It’s the only way to give you your best possible vision. We do save some time for you because our lenses are made on site so your glasses are usually ready the same day. If you want the Kate Spade style for your eyewear, contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule an appointment for your eye exam and frame fitting. Having our own lab ensures your corrective lenses match our prescription. We have quality control that we would not have if we sent your prescription out to a lab for someone else to do the work.


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