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Kate Spade Glasses in Elston

Most of us are familiar with the brand but do you know about Kate Spade glasses in Elston? Just wait until you see them; they are amazingly designed for today’s woman like all Kate Spade products. You can see the latest designs at The Spectacle Factory. We like to stay up to date with the latest designer eyewear for our clients and keep a good stock of those that have proven most popular. Since we manufacture our lenses on site we maintain a large stock of each prescription  If you need prescription lenses, our opticians fine tune your exam to give you that extra bit of clarity and sharpness other opticians may consider unnecessary. In that way, when you come in to be fitted with lenses and want same day service, we can accommodate your wishes.

Our use of the latest technology and a little bit of extra time makes all the difference between okay vision and your best possible vision. For excellent vision combined with designer good looks in Elston, Kate Spade glasses is a good choice. The eyeglass frames are colourful and fun yet the sophistication is unmistakable. Kate Spade infuses the products we use everyday with charm and style; replaces the ordinary in everyday with sizzle. Choose Kate Spade eyewear for reading glasses prescribed by our opticians. We know you can pick up reading glasses off the rack but again we ask the question; do you want to see okay or do you want the optimum clarity and sharpness? Pair our reading lenses with Kate Spade frames and make a fashion statement while reading the fine print.

It is so important to protect your eyes every day from the sun damage and Kate Spade glasses in Elston let you do that in style. If you are out driving, walking, playing or watching sports on a regular basis then your sunglasses are most important. Whether you wear prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, you need to wear them a lot. Look stylish while protecting your eyes with one or two Kate Spade unique designs. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule an appointment to be fitted with the lens that allows you to see better than ever before. Our lenses make life easier and more enjoyable for our clients promoting healthy eyes.

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