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J F Rey Glasses in Brindle

J F Rey glasses in Brindle are well known for their trendy high style. Since 1995 the brand brings out two new fashion lines each year; one for sunglasses and one optical. You’ll find designs that break all traditions for men women and children aged four to sixteen. Beautiful, innovative, contemporary, visually appealing are just a few words and phrases used to describe the work of these designers. One word you will never hear to describe them is dull. The design signature is colour and strength. The glasses are beautiful objects to own but meant to be worn with confidence. Clothing designers dress the body but J F Rey glasses dress the eye with so much diversity through the use of leather, wood, carbon fibre, metal, titanium and acetate.

Kids glasses are all designed in acetate. In Brindle, J F Rey glasses in durable acetate are made of natural wood and cotton fibres instead of petroleum based products. The all natural hypoallergenic material is safe for kids. J F Rey glasses for kids are designed with the help and input of kids and their ideas. They spend a couple of days in the design studio working directly with the designers and sharing what appeals to them. Kids and adults are more likely to wear the glasses they need if they love the design and colour. We need to protect our eyes with sunglasses to prevent sun damage that can cause blindness as we age. We like to wear sunglasses that are stylish and make a statement. With J F Rey glasses, you get both.

You will want lenses in your J F Rey glasses in Brindle that allow you to see better than you ever have before. The Spectacle Factory is where you will find that perfect combination. Our extensive eye exam lets us construct a lens for you that will correct your vision with clarity not found in other optometrists offices. You’ll choose the designer frame, perhaps from the J F Rey line, looks best on you. We’ll help you select the frame based on the shape of your face. Contact The Spectacle Factory and get the best in vision and fashion. We’re not finished until the frames are fitted to your face for best vision and comfort.


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