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Hoya Glasses

The manufacturers of Hoya glasses understand the miraculous technology built into your eyes that allows you to see. They know how two eyes work together to see further, higher, wider and closer. You just take them for granted. You subject them to UV rays driving in bright sunlight. Then you stare at an artificial light on a screen of various sizes for most of your waking hours. When they get tired, you poke your finger knuckle into your eye and rub like you are trying to blind yourself. When your eyelids try to close to give your eyes rest, you force them stay open and keep working. It’s a good thing somebody cares about your eyes.

In fact, Hoya glasses and The Spectacle Factory have teamed up to help keep your eyes healthy. Everyone should have an eye exam at least every two years. However, the eye exams at the Spectacle Factory are more extensive than the average optometrist. Technologically advanced testing is used to narrow down a lens prescription for you that will give you the best vision ever possible. By using Hoya lenses we are able to grind your prescription to exact specifications because Hoya lens material is the thinnest and finest available. We make your lenses in our on-site lab so you get your new lenses while you wait. Your lenses can be tinted any colour you want, treated with anti-glare materials and build in UV protection.

Hoya Glasses from The Spectacle Factory take the process of gradient vision much better than average lens material. The finished product is likely the clearest vision you have ever experienced with glasses. Our staff can give you some help on the hard part and that would be choosing frames for your lenses. We have every name brand, shape and colour. Find the one you want and we can customise it to fit you and your lenses perfectly. All of this work is done while you wait. No, you will not be waiting 8 hours. It’s closer to one hour. Since we do all the work from the eye exam, to the lens grinding to fitting the frames on site, we eliminate some middle men. The benefit to you is better vision today for less money. For more information about Hoya glasses, contact The Spectacle Factory.

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