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How To Get Thin Lenses


Today I’m going show you how to get the thinnest lenses in your new glasses.

You spend ages choosing frames you love. You wait 2 weeks for them to be ready. And after all that, it can be ruined because the lenses protrude from the frame. The problem is, how do you know what to expect? What if you could see how your new glasses will look before you buy them?

We’ll come back to that. But first, a brief explanation on what can make your lenses thick in the first place:

  1. Prescription. Okay, this part is fairly obvious, but of course some prescriptions will inevitably always have a bit of thickness, whilst some will never be anything other than thin. And that comes down to simply how much power your need in your lenses.


  1. Frame choice. This is the one most people overlook. And probably the most important. Firstly, the further your eyes are from the edge of the frame you choose, the thicker the lenses will be.

We measure our clients using the Zeiss iTerminal to see exactly where they are looking through on their glasses, which is one factor in the thickness of the lenses.

Second, the type of frame you want to wear, as in whether it has a rim all around, partially, or none at all, can make a big difference.

  1. Lens Type. Some lens materials have what we call a higher refractive index. Basically, they bend light more so you need less lens to do the same job.


This image shows how different lenses with the same prescription can look much thinner with the right material.

So, those are the variables. And to be honest, they are a lot to consider even for us experienced professionals, let alone someone who isn’t an expert. Sometimes it’s impossible to imagine how a pair of glasses will come out for someone.

That’s where our special iPad software comes in.


We can photograph you in your new glasses and simulate how they will look with your prescription with different lens types.


This allows you to compare different lens types before you choose what to buy.


The result: you get the glasses you want, even if your prescription is strong, and they look amazing.

We’ve been using this software for over a year. It’s tried and tested and realistic. Too many people spend all their time deliberating over what frames they choose, and don’t consider their lenses. But we’ll spend time with you to make sure the end result is perfect.

If you’ve any questions, please tweet me @specfactory, or visit us in store to try it for yourself!


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