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How Can Glasses Improve Your Golf Game

A game they say that can never be mastered but with improved vision you can certainly reach a higher level. Read on about the two key technologies that can enhance your golfing vision.

How can eyewear improve your golf game?

Your Golf performance, more than in any other sport, is completely dependent on your vision. Every stroke requires a judgment of the angle and power of your shot, which is determined by how you see the direction and distance of the pin or fairway. Once you’ve played a stroke, you also need to be able to track the ball, often against low-contrast backdrops such as the sky or tree line.

Whether or not you currently wear glasses in general or specifically for Golf, here at The Spectacle Factory we can guarantee you better vision to improve your performance… but how do we do it?

There are 2 key technologies:

  1. Power Purple Transitions Material, which enhances anyone’s vision on a golf course.

  2. Golf Lens Design, which is designed to give spectacle wearers the best focusing for the demands of a golf round.

I’ll now go through how both technologies work and why you should consider them if you play golf.

Power Purple Transitions

This is designed to maximise your contrast, particularly in a predominantly green and blue environment such as a golf course, which reveals things you couldn’t see before like the undulations of the grass and makes your vision in the distance much sharper. Here’s a comparison of how you would see with and without the Power Purple Transitions.


You can see that the texture and shape of the grass is significantly clearer in the second picture, and it’s also much easier to see the red flag in the distance.

In addition to that, this lens technology is photochromic, meaning it will react to light, so on a sunny day, they will function as sunglasses.

Remember these can be worn in any conditions, and are designed for anyone, not just those who wear prescription glasses.

Golf Lens Design

If you wear ordinary prescription glasses for Golf, there will be some compromises:

  1. Peripheral vision is usually lost – If you look to the side with your glasses on, you will usually not see very much, either the end of the frame or a blur through your lenses (normal lenses don’t give you clear vision at the edges). Good peripheral vision is absolutely essential when playing Golf, particularly in the position where you need to look towards the pin when you are about to play a stroke.

  2. If you wear varifocals, when looking down at the ball it won’t be perfectly clear, because of the distortion and the position of the ‘reading zone’. It’s crucial to be able to line up your club with the ball before playing a stroke, particularly when putting.

Our Golf Lenses from Shamir (a company that pioneers many new lens technologies) solve both these issues, by making sure your peripheral vision is perfect and your focusing is correctly modified forwhen looking down at the ball. Here’s a quick video that explains how:

So that’s it! The 2 key technologies designed to improve your golf game by enhancing your vision.

If you need any more information, please tweet me @specfactory or call 01772 312213 and ask to speak to Robert. To close, here’s a testimonial from someone who wears the Golf Lens Design in the Power Purple transitions material:

“In the short period of time I have been wearing the Golf Glasses to play golf, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

 Firstly for the greatly improved contrast ratio, especially when using a driver off the Tee, making it far easier to follow the ball into the distance, as the ball is far more visible against the background.

 Secondly and far more importantly for myself, the big improvement in my putting accuracy, resulting from the fact that there is now no distortion to the alignment of putter face to hole, which there is with normal Varifocal lenses. This is saving me at least 1 stroke per hole.”

  1. Henry Marro



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