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Golf Sunglasses in Longton

Be sure to buy golf sunglasses in Longton if you are getting ready for the greens. For many golfers, sunglasses are as essential as a golf clubs and a golfing cap. Not only do they keep you looking cool, they help your game in ways you probably take for granted. Think about it. When you’re about to make that crucial shot, the last thing you need is to be distracted by sun glare. Worse, your aim might be impaired by a speck of dust or a blade of grass that fell into your eyes at the worst possible moment. All this can be avoided if you just get the right pair of sunglasses.

There’s a broad variety of choices for style and comfort. In Longton, golf sunglasses are quite popular. They come in different brands and styles. Some golfers prefer wrap-around glasses that offer lateral protection. Others want polarised lens, while certain discerning customers aren’t happy unless they have brightly tinted visors in their favourite colour. In case you’re wondering how golf glasses differ from regular sunglasses, it’s all in the beholder’s eye. Well-made golf glasses absorb blue rays of light so that the ball stands out more clearly against the sky. They also enhance the green spectrum, making white golf balls more visible. A good pair of sunglasses should also have protection against ultraviolet light.

When it comes to golf sunglasses in Longton, it’s not one size fits all. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of golf sunglasses, contact The spectacle Factory.  It’s important to personally test various frames and find a pair that perfectly moulds into your face. Regular sunglasses might slide up and down your nose, but with golf glasses, they need to be nice and snug. Any movement can compromise your vision and affect your game. In terms of lens colour, follow the sun. Wear yellow on cloudy days, grey on sunny days, and brown or amber for days with strange weather. Red shades are good for close quarters putting, while green lenses work better for long swings. Whichever style or colour you prefer, we can fit you and prepare your order in one hour or less.



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