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Glaucoma Testing in Walton le Dale

Looking for Glaucoma testing in Walton le Dale? Glaucoma is a group of diseases and is the second most common cause of blindness. Early detection is paramount to the chances of treatment leading to the success of recovery. The optic nerve is damaged by the slow increase of pressure by fluid in the front of the eye causing the gradual loss of the eyesight in both eyes. Millions of people across the world have glaucoma and not many of them are even aware that they even have it. Blindness can be prevented through early detection and if left too long, the damage could be irreversible in the short term  or even irreparable in the long term.

In Walton le Dale, Glaucoma testing is a service professionally performed by The Spectacle Factory. They have been growing in the industry for the last 20 years gaining a large trusting customer database. They have a combined knowledge of almost one hundred years and can offer the best diagnostics available as they have kept abreast with the latest that technology can offer. There are different types of glaucoma and different treatments are needed. All the tests are conducted by highly qualified professional staff and are a painless and non-invasive exercise. The sooner the tests are conducted the chances are less that you will need to have expensive corrective surgery. Sometimes only eye drops or pills are necessary to treat the disease. The results will help pave the way for the correct care and treatment if needed.

Glaucoma testing in Walton le Dale is a diagnostic service the opticians at The Spectacle Factory professionally conduct. Their consulting rooms are private and comfortably laid out ensuring your appointment is trouble free and private. If you feel you need to have your eyes seen to then don’t waste any time as the sooner that one has their eyes tested for glaucoma, the better their chances are for successfully treating this disease. Give The Spectacle Factory a call and arrange an appointment to have your worries put to rest and your problems handled by the professionals. For further information regarding glaucoma, contact The Spectacle Factory.

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