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Finding The Perfect Glasses For You.

A glowing endorsement for The Spectacle Factory from one of our newest employees.

Hello! My name is Connie Pattinson. I’m a Dispensing Optician, which means my job is to help people make the most of their prescription by finding the perfect pair of glasses for them.

Me meeting Kevin Simm at The Spectacle Factory earlier this year

Connie and Kevin

I have worked for two different high street opticians over the past 23 years, but I now work at The Spectacle Factory and I’m amazed at the difference.

After one year working for The Spectacle Factory I can tell you there is no comparison. The customer service is very personal and friendly but professional at the same time. Each customer is treated as an individual and the aim of the team is the help them get the best vision possible.

One big difference I have noticed is how up to date with technology they are and the range of lenses is amazing even to someone with my experience… I thought I knew all about lenses before working here! But many of the technologies I’ve learned about I just didn’t think existed when working at the high-street opticians.


Comparison of the same image viewed through 2 lens technologies with the same prescription.

My colleague regularly goes to fashion shows in Milan, London, Paris etc. to find the most up to date styles and unique frame designs. We stock frames made from one piece of titanium, 100% recycled material, Buffalo Horn, Wood, Leather, Feathers and even Pure Gold. You just don’t get frames like that on the high-street. The styles they have are usually a few years behind.


Coco Song frames feature real feathers. These are my favourite frames.  Example of a Buffalo Horn frame by Luxhorn.

I also like the fact that we are interested in the long-term care of our customers. Every 6 months we do a free maintenance check on our customers’ glasses. I’d not come across a service like that before working here.

If you want glasses that are unique and individual, and the best service, my recommendation is to come and visit us at The Spectacle Factory.

  1. Connie Pattinson FBDO.


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