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Feature: the coolest new glasses style of 2020 from Hugo Boss

Orlando Bloom is the face of the 2020 Hugo Boss eyewear collection.

The Single-Bridge Aviator

It’s very rare that we write an entire article to cover just a single pair of glasses. But this iconic new frame from Hugo Boss easily justifies the attention. First off, the proportions are simply perfect – not too round, and not too square. This means that they will suit most faces, and hit that ever so elusive mark of fashionable-yet-wearable.

Add to that the single high bridge, and you have a look which is strikingly individual. These glasses will get you noticed, without being over the top. You’ll look impressive, confident and, most of all, stylish wearing this frame.

Rarely can eyewear be worn just as easily in a formal environment as in a casual one, but Hugo Boss have crafted just the right balance.

A post shared by BOSS (@boss) on Jul 12, 2020 at 2:00am PDT

This post shows how great the single-bridge aviator can look as a sunglass too.

This kind of design can even look fantastic as a sunglass. Add dark tinted lenses and they look just as good, which leads us on to one of the best parts of this new Hugo Boss style…

The Hugo Boss single-bridge aviator frame looks equally good with clear or tinted lenses.

Clip on sunglasses from Hugo Boss

Great news for glasses wearers – this frame comes with an attachment which seamlessly converts them into sunglasses. So you get the best of both. Not only is this less expensive than having to buy an extra pair of prescription sunglasses, but it’s easy too, as you can just add or remove the sunglasses clip whenever you feel like it.

A post shared by BOSS (@boss) on Jul 3, 2020 at 7:32am PDT

Scroll across to see how the new Hugo Boss sunclip converts your glasses to sunglasses easily.

Is this the best men’s eyewear style of 2020?

I think so. No other frame in recent memory has managed to combine all the elements that this single-bridge aviator frame from Hugo Boss has. It can be worn to almost any occasion, it will suit most faces, it’s ultra fashionable but still easy to wear… and on top of that, they even convert into sunglassses. If you can only have one pair of glasses, these should probably be the ones.


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