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Efficient and Professional Fast Glasses Repairs in Clitheroe to Assist You

When you need fast glasses repairs in Clitheroe as you need to attend an important work seminar, contact The Spectacle Factory. With a complete on site manufacturing facility, dedicated and professional staff, we are able to repair your glasses in under an hour. You may not believe that your glasses can repaired in such a short time, but you are prepared to settle with what you can receive. You will be relieved to find that we can repair your glasses for you, swiftly and expertly.

One of the reasons why, in Clitheroe, fast glasses repairs are possible is that we use the latest technology in our manufacturing facility. We use the Vusifit 1000, and are the first opticians in the UK to have this technology. Using this technology, we can manufacture a set of lenses accurately, perfect for your exact requirements. They will also be made according to your particular preferences. Glasses repairs needn’t cause undue worry. All you need to do is give us a ring to schedule a consultation and we will assist you. We firmly believe that we provide the best service, the best products and at the best price! Not only do we offer expert services, but we also offer a number of other advantages when you become a client. We have an extensive range of top quality frames manufactured by the well-known and respected names. We also only use the best available lenses to ensure our clients receive only the best.

Fast glasses repairs in Clitheroe are expertly completed by our skilled team. We are able to do more things than other opticians are unable to because of our complete on site manufacturing facility. With 99% of prescriptions in our stock, we can repair your glasses while you wait. When you need efficient and affordable glasses repairs, contact The Spectacle Factory today. We also offer our clients the  VIP EyeCare Scheme. This means that you will benefit from free warranties, free repairs where possible, and free maintenance for life. On top of that, you will also receive a 6 monthly invitation from us for a free service on your glasses.

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