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Clip On Sunglasses in Euxton, Style Coupled with Functionality

Here at The Spectacle Factory, clip on sunglasses in Euxton have become highly popular. You may remember seeing your grandparents with clip on lenses. They had their own frame and multiple little clips all around you had to fit onto your clear prescription glasses. They were a little bulky but the concept is a good one. Some people do not want one pair of clear prescription glasses and another pair of prescription sunglasses. Yet, they don’t want transitions either because of the cost or the lenses don’t get as dark as they like. It’s a lot of expense and a lot to keep track of.

At The Spectacle Factory, we carry a large selection of frames for both clear and sunglasses, prescription and non prescription. For our clients in Euxton, clip on sunglasses are also available in a large style choice. Some have frames but many are completely frameless. They attach to your prescription glasses effortlessly and blend in as if they were a complete pair of sunglasses. They don’t look like clip ons; that’s how well they fit the frame. So it’s like having two pairs of prescription glasses without the extra baggage and the extra cost.Of course we choose the shape that matches your prescription frame in size and shape. Like all sunglasses you can choose the colour, the depth of the colour and of course you want UV rays blocked.

Our clip on sunglasses in Euxton have high quality lenses that offer extraordinary clarity. You will see just as well as if you were wearing prescription lens sunglasses. We love these thin, attractive and highly effective little clip on sunglasses. As eye doctors we know very well the importance of protecting eyes. We want to protect eyes of all ages from harmful amounts of sun and reflected sun that can cause vision loss. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule a time to visit. View the many options available for eye protection against glare, especially while driving or playing sports. Clip on sunglasses may be just the option that will work best for you.


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