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Choose Unmistakably Stylish J F Rey Glasses in Buckshaw Village

J F Rey glasses in Buckshaw Village are on display for your perusal at The Spectacle Factory. J F Rey designs for eyewear are some of the most distinctive  and innovative we’ve seen; ever. Never have we seen materials like wood, carbon, metal and acetate combined with colour and shape as in the designs of these designer glasses. Bold colours, bi-colours, material combinations and unusual shapes are used to create unmistakable works of art easily recognised as the work of J F Rey. The designs for both men and women are extraordinary. However, some designs, such as the DESTRUCT line, are a bold design for both men and women with a large selection of colours. We love the multi dimensional SHELL design as well.

You don’t have to require a prescription lens to accessorise with designer glasses. In Buckshaw Village, J F Rey glasses would tempt those with perfect vision. Most, however, do require a prescription and that is really the most important factor in any pair of glasses. When you come to us at The Spectacle Factory, our goal is to make sure your prescription allows you to see more clearly than you ever have before.  For that to happen, we take great care in carrying out your eye exam. Our standard exam takes longer and focuses on more details than most eye exams. The lenses are made right on our premises from only the finest materials with great emphasis on clarity. Most prescriptions are ready in one day.

You may dream of J F Rey glasses in Buckshaw Village but we’ll help you select a frame that in no way obstructs your vision. Maybe the frame looks good but you don’t want it to interfere with your vision; including your peripheral vision. Once that selection is achieved, we are going to fit your frames specifically to you and your natural posture. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule your eye exam with our conscientious and perfectionist staff. We offer a huge range of styles, both designer and not from which you may choose. You won’t see this selection at any other optometrist clinic. J F Rey glasses are an outstanding selection and definitely distinct.


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