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Choose the Experts for Fast Turnaround Glasses Repair in Tarleton

Get instant service with our fast turnaround glasses repair in Tarleton. Broke your glasses or the frame?  Relax with a refreshing cup of coffee or tea while our team works its magic. At The Spectacle Factory, we are not just a top-rated optician, specialist in sunglasses and sports glasses, and designer eyewear, we’re a caring team too. We know exactly what it’s like when your glasses or frames break, or you lose/misplace them. That is why we offer this super fast repair service so that you can get on with your life as soon as possible. We are proud to be the region’s leading eyewear company. Our client base extends throughout the Lancashire region and across the country. For visitors from afar, we can arrange for stay at Stanley House, just 15 minutes away from our flagship store in Preston.

For our clients in Tarleton, fast turnaround glasses repair is done at our spacious facility. Our professionals have the training, and experience, and use state of the art equipment to complete the job to perfection. While you wait, you can browse our store and update yourself on the latest products and information. With more than 1200 frame options, and a dazzling array of sunglasses to choose from, you can get exactly what you’ve always wanted. Not all optometrists and optical stores undertake repairs. When people break or lose their glasses, they often simply throw them away and get a new pair. However, that can cost money and replacements may take time.

Fast turnaround glasses repair in Tarleton is part of our suite of comprehensive services. Our on-site lab for lens-crafting makes it easy. Here we manufacture your lenses. Hence, our on-site team can ensure that your glasses are returned to you in the shortest possible time. Once you become part of our VIP team, you can avail of regular check-ups to maintain your glasses in top condition. We provide cleaning, tightening of screws, alignment and more. Contact The Spectacle Factory for assistance if your glasses need repairs. Customers value our sensible pricing and our friendly, professional approach no matter how big or small the requirement.


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