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Choose Opticians near Eccleston for a Top Class Experience

If you experience any challenges with your eyesight, come to our opticians near Eccleston. Your eyes  need the same level of attention as the rest of your body. Any persistent discomfort in your eyes is a sign that you need to check your eyesight. Neglecting symptoms like fatigue and blurry vision can make things worse.  Problems with your eyes can put a strain on your brain and cause painful migraines. Eye problems can also interfere with your coordination.

If you have trouble reading, you should schedule an appointment with us. Therefore, near Eccleston, our opticians can give you a comprehensive eye test with minimal discomfort. We incorporate the latest technology in our tests that ensure our clients are comfortable. We use high precision equipment such as the Zeiss I.Profiler. This generates your I.Scription. Thus, it makes a detailed analysis of your eyes. Further, it develops prescription glasses uniquely suited to you.  Further, our eye tests also include a binocular vision assessment. Additionally, they include optical coherence tomography and retinal imaging.

Moreover, in compliance with the latest health and safety regulations, our opticians near Eccleston have set several safety measures in place. Among these is the use of our Contact Tonometry system. Hence, this provides a safe way to check your eye pressure during the pandemic. We have a fully equipped lab that enables us to make your glasses within an hour of completing your eye test.  As such, we make every effort to enhance our efficiency.  Contact The Spectacle Factory now to book an appointment to see our optician. Thus, every moment you delay getting your eyes checked can increase the severity of your challenge. Our staff is well-trained in the latest customer care practices.


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