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Blue Light Filter Glasses Specialist In Preston

The Spectacle Factory are a Blue Light Filter Specialist In Preston that have positioned themselves at the forefront of all new eyewear technology, to offer all customers modern solutions to a range of eye related problems that arise in everyday life. One such problem is the cause ‘blue wavelengths’ has on our day-to-day life. Causing disruption to sleep, insomnia and possible links to more serious conditions, there is a solution at The Spectacle Factory.

In Preston, The Spectacle Factory are the number one blue light filter glasses specialist. Having been established for over 15 years, they offer outstanding customer service through  friendly, professional members of staff who are only too happy to deal with your enquiry. Boasting unbeatable prices, they have a wide choice of spectacles and lenses; with on-site manufacturing of your glasses while you wait.

For a blue light filter glasses specialist in Preston, The Spectacle Factory are out on their own for quality, price and professionalism. For those who work long night shifts or suffer from insomnia, blue light filter glasses are an ideal way of blocking blue wavelengths that can be disruptive at night. For more information, contact The Spectacle Factory today and find a solution to blue light exposure.


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