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Another Satisfied Customer For The Spectacle Factory!

A lovely testimonial from a more than happy customer who came to The Spectacle Factory for expert help.

I’ve worn glasses for as long as I can remember, and for me it has never been easy or straight forward to find a balance between dealing with an acute astigmatism which requires a thick heavy lens and a pair of frames that are both fashionable and atheistically pleasing.

The optician that I use to go to was taken over by a large group of companies and for me they just didn’t offer a good service or an extensive range to deal with my challenging prescription and personal choice.

I spent months going to various High Street chains and independent opticians only to be told the same thing, that I couldn’t have my frame of choice due to my difficult prescription to deal with the astigmatism. The choice of frames I was being offered was limited to just 6 or 7 pairs and were truly awful to look at, heavy and cumbersome, adding years to how I looked and they had no style whatsoever.

I had heard about The Spectacle Factory and I had read an article about the business and I decided to look at their website and discovered that they were fairly local. I e-mailed them with my frustrating story about my quest to find a decent pair of glasses whilst dealing with a difficult optical problem of the acute astigmatism.

I was pleasantly surprised when a gentleman from the Spectacle Factory phoned me and after a detailed discussion said that he was sure that he could help me. I went to their shop and had one of the most thorough eye examinations that I have ever had. The staff were very pleasant and so helpful and truly professional. After listening to all of my wants and needs the technical advisor confidently told me that he could deal with the acute astigmatism whilst offering me exactly what I have always wanted.

After years of being told that I could never have a rimless pair of glasses and that I would never be able to have anything apart from a heavy unflattering frame, I now have what I consider to be a truly fantastic pair of rimless glasses that have transformed my life.

My glasses are lightweight, very stylish, the most comfortable glasses I have ever worn. What was really important to me was the way my glasses made me look and these glasses tick all of the atheistic boxes, but more importantly they deal with my acute astigmatism too. Clear vision with a touch of style and class, truly remarkable.

I’m a very happy man.

Mr Francis Phillips


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