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3 reasons you shouldn’t put off getting your eyes tested

This is an extended version of an article I wrote for Live Magazine.

You can see ok… so why would you need an eye test? Here are 3 reasons why you should get your eyes tested at least every 2 years:

  1. Most people are completely unaware if they do have problems with their eyes. Glaucoma is a perfect example; generally it has no symptoms. However, it is the main cause of irreversible blindness in the world. Glaucoma is fairly easy to treat, and would almost always be picked up during a routine eye test.

  1. Why not see the world better? A big misconception is that people who wear glasses can’t manage without them. In fact, the vast majority of glasses wearers can see alright without them, but they see better with them on! Therefore, they wear them. There’s no longer any stigma attached to wearing glasses; in fact, the right pair can very much enhance your appearance. Since we experience the world through our eyes, why not experience it better by seeing it more clearly?

  1. Reduce eye strain in this digital age. Most of us are using digital devices way more that the human eye was built for. This can stress the muscles in the eye resulting in sore eyes, headaches and even neck strain. There are digital lenses that your optician can recommend to help with this.

Kids in particular can suffer if their eyes aren’t regularly checked. Only 19% of children have regular eye-tests in the UK, putting them at risk of decreased learning and undetected eye conditions.

Good vision is a crucial part of safe driving. An estimated 2,900 People die every year in accidents as a result of poor vision.  Getting your eyes tested is the only way to know that your vision is as safe as possible.

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