visiting from afar

Clients visit us from all over the UK and internationally. Our flagship store has become a destination for anyone who values their eyewear


"I live hours away but the experience was exceptional and I will definitely travel the distance again"

Jack Hearne

Opticians near Preston


Whether you're looking for a restyle, elite level sports eyewear, or simply want the best possible vision, our experts can take care of you.

Spend as much time as you desire selecting from the world's best glasses, sunglasses and sports eyewear.

Benefit from world-leading vision technologies that allow us to guarantee you your best possible vision.

Then Relax!

To thank you for making the trip, we’ll put you up in Stanley House, a luxurious local hotel and Spa situated in beautiful countryside just 15 minutes from our store.

So you can travel up for the day, enjoy an amazing experience finding your perfect eyewear, relax in the evening at Stanley House before travelling back the next day. And we’ll post your order to you when complete.

We believe that taking 2 days out of your life to get great new eyewear that not only makes you feel good but see the world better than ever, is the right choice. That’s why we’ve partnered with Stanley House to make it an even easier decision.

Treat it like a weekend away. On us. Interested?

Worth the Journey

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