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Why You Should Pick Daily Wear Contact Lenses

The matter of choosing daily wear contact lenses is almost unanimously agreed upon by individuals who wear contact lenses. For those who are looking to exchange their spectacles for contact lenses , understanding the benefits of daily wear lenses might require a bit of awareness of the entire line of products. Quite briefly, there are three kinds of lenses -daily wear, disposable and extended wear contact lenses. Daily wear lenses are the kinds that you have to take off each night and clean them through the night in a special solution.

Compared to daily wear contact lenses, disposable lenses are a one-time wear option and you have to throw them away after you have worn them – it is not recommended to wear them more than once. The third kind is the extended wear lens, which you do not need to take out at night. Now, most people don’t consider the disposable lenses for several reasons – mainly because they are the most expensive kind of contact lens. They also need the same amount of usage as other lenses, putting them in and removing them at night. The extended lenses might seem like the best option to people who are hoping to exchange their spectacles for contact lenses

Finally, we come to daily wear lenses where you are left with the option of taking your lenses out, each night, before you go to sleep. The lenses need to be cleaned on a daily basis but during the cleaning process, your eyes get the much needed breather as well.(Optometrists recommend regularly exposing your eyes to fresh air as this can help reduce the chances of getting eye infections) . Daily wear contact lenses are an option to be considered by all spectacle users – the cleaning of the contact lenses take less time than it would to brush your teeth and comb your hair in the evening. Imagine being spectacle free and consider daily wear contact lenses! To get yours call The Spectacle factory.

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