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Transforming Your Vision: How Our State of the Art Optical Technology Can Change Your Life

Hi, I'm Hisham an Optometrist at The Spectacle Factory.

With use of pioneering equipment, such as the latest Zeiss Vision Equipment, we can ensure your eyes get the best care.

With the Zeiss iProfiler, an advanced wavefront technology, we can guarantee your vision is as clear as possible utilising iScription technology. It ensures your prescription is accurate to a 100th of a Dioptre, which is much more specific than results from a typical high street optician.

The Zeiss phoropter allows me to show patients their fine-tuned iScription prescriptions to ensure the measurements are accurate as it corrects the most complex of prescriptions.

At Spectacle Factory, the extent of opportunity and support we can provide is vast, we utilise Zeiss’ corneal mapping, usually only available in the eye hospital, to assess corneal irregularities to tailor contact lens fittings and detect corneal conditions such as keratoconus.

Arguably the more exciting experience for our patients includes VisuFit, where we can ensure that the frames of your spectacles fit your face just right. It also helps you try different lens colours and coatings virtually, allowing you to see what suits you best before even buying spectacles. With Zeiss, a new way to take care of your eyes and give you the clearest vision is possible in this optical revolution.


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