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Opticians in Blackburn – Excellent Service, Excellent Prices

Opticians in Blackburn can provide your best vision. If the idea of having your eyes tested and receiving a new prescription worries you, speak to opticians ho have years of experience. We offer an in depth eye test. An eye test that is comprehensive and will be the best you’ve ever had. This is because we use cutting edge technology to ensure an excellent result. An eye test with our opticians includes a number of tests. These include retinal imaging, binocular vision assessment, visual fields analysis and a scan of the back of your eyes. Additionally, the eye tests include i-Scription, which is your most accurate prescription, and contact tonometry. This is the safest way to check your eye pressure.

The health of your eyes is our priority. In Blackburn, opticians use the Zeiss i.profiler hich measures your i.Scription. This in turn is 25 times more accurate than a normal prescription. It is also more unique than your fingerprint. I.Scription offers numerous benefits like improved night vision, brighter colour vision and increased contrast. i.Scription technology reduces image noise, sharpens contrast and lets you see colours as they really are! On top of that, we have an extensive on-site lab. This means we can make 99% of prescriptions in under an hour. We have an extensive range of top quality frames, including those by known names. Once you have chosen your frames, you can have your new glasses while you wait. Getting new glasses is quick and easy with our opticians.

Opticians in Blackburn use the Visufit 1000. This ensures that every aspect of how you wear your glasses is measured.  It uses 3D face scanning. Thus, this means that it you will receive the perfect lenses for your needs. It also helps in choosing frames that fit 100% perfectly. If you’re searching for the best opticians to assist you with your eye health, contact The Spectacle Factory today. Schedule an appointment for your eye test. We are proud to be the top rated optician in Lancashire, according to Google reviews. Let our experts assist you to see more clearly than ever before. We are passionate about what we do. Moreover, we have the training and experience to assist.


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