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Night Time Driving Lenses In Preston


Do you require Night Time Driving Lenses In Preston to aid when driving in the dark? well at The Spectacle Factory you can take advantage of 2 technologies that really do improve night vision. Available with and without prescription, these revolutionary lenses are in-stock now at The Spectacle Factory in Bamber Bridge near Preston.

In Preston, The Spectacle Factory have enquiries for night-time driving lenses which leads them to the EMI ‘honeycomb’ filter and Tag Heuer’s night vision lenses. The EMI lens is a filter that can be incorporated into everyday lenses without changing their appearance. defecting light coming from the periphery, glare from headlights and streetlights is drastically reduced. Significantly more effective than anti reflective coating products, the filter works through electro-magnetic interference.

Tag Heuer ‘night vision‘ range are the second solution for night-time driving lenses in Preston; worn by acclaimed motor racing drivers at the prestigious ’24hr Le Mans’ endurance race. They correct a phenomenon called ‘night Myopia’ where we become shortsighted in the dark, so a special colour formulated in the lenses improves the contract.

The Spectacle Factory fully endorse both products with the Tag Heuer Night Vision lenses offered with a 1 week trial period.

Call now or pop in to their premises.



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