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Designer Frames in Brindle

While selecting designer frames in Brindle, you’d also like to make sure that they don’t cost the earth. At The Spectacle Factory, we guarantee not just top-quality products but we also offer the best prices. Our range includes more than 1000 of the most exclusive and innovative frames and more than 300 of the most stylish, coolest sunglasses that can be found under one roof. Our professional, friendly customer-care service helps you choose exactly what’s right to match your needs, budget and style statement. Unlike other opticians who have to outsource their manufacturing processes, we have complete in-house facilities that allow us to get your glasses ready while you wait.

With the cost of prescription glasses soaring, many of us may find that our insurance coverage is inadequate. In Brindle, designer frames can cost a pretty penny unless you purchase them from stores like ours, which believe that quality goes hand in hand with cost-effectiveness. We offer a personalised service that takes care of even the most complicated prescription – something that the high street optician may not be able to do. Customers can specify their needs and ensure that they’re wearing the right glasses for every activity – be it sports, reading, driving, and indoor use. The use of communication technology like videos helps customers to understand the different aspects of lenses and vision capabilities.

Single vision glasses can be made ready in an hour while varifocals and bifocals can be delivered in a matter of just 24 hours. This makes purchasing designer frames in Brindle from us a satisfying experience. Contact the Spectacle Factory if you are looking for designer frames. We pride ourselves on our unique products that you won’t see anywhere else. Customers love our limited edition frames from the latest design studios in Paris and Milan! Other great features include repair services for most problems while you wait, free repairs for life if you’re part of our eye-care scheme, custom-made glasses to suit your face size, and specially tinted sunglasses. When you buy a pair of glasses at The Spectacle Factory, you’re assured of services to adjust, maintain and repair them, along with a regular six-monthly free specs check-up.



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