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5 Decisions You Make That Affect Your Vision

Interesting insight into what decisions you make that will affect your vision with a new pair of glasses.


Most people think they get the best vision simply by having their eyes tested and getting their prescription put into a set of frames. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Here’s 5 decisions you have to make to get the best vision possible.

  1. Which optician you choose.


This is the big one, because every other aspect of the process to getting you the best vision stems from it. Not all companies have the same equipment, not only in the eye-test but also in the measurements for your new lenses. What’s more, although medical tests themselves are standardised, some companies spend longer than others to fine tune your prescription as much as possible.

  1. What lens design you choose.


Lenses are technology. Just like a photographer chooses the right lens to get the best image, so too you can see differently based on the lenses in your glasses. For example, here is the same image viewed through 2 different lenses with the same prescription:


Crucially, not all opticians offer the same lenses. So, do your research on what an optician can offer you in terms of lens technology before you choose them.

  1. What treatments you have applied to your lenses.

The video above is a great example of how the coating on your lenses can maintain the quality of your vision throughout the day. Most lenses pick up scratches, smears, water droplets, dust etc, all of which inhibit your vision. A good coating like High Vision Longlife from Hoya protects against these things.

  1. What frames you choose.


Wait. Frames are style. Lenses are vision… right? Wrong. The frame you choose can affect aspects of your vision such as your peripheral vision and the quality of your reading vision.

Did you know? Every single frame sits differently on your face. Therefore, your individual measurements for your glasses are dependent on the frames you choose. That’s why we use the iTerminal 2 from Zeiss (pictured below). It analyzes exactly how you wear your new glasses and makes adjustments to the lens design to help you get the best vision possible.


  1. Opting for eye protection.


We now know that UV light and HEV light (also known as ‘blue light’) have harmful effects on the eye, some of them irreversible. Therefore, sunglasses should not be considered a fashion accessory, but an essential in today’s world. With people living longer, the average individual’s lifetime UV exposure has increased, which can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration. High quality sunglasses protect from both UV and HEV light, so choose a good pair of sunglasses, and wear them as much as possible!



The crucial thing to take from all of this is that your vision with glasses is really not just about your prescription at all. There are a number of factors involved, all of which you have control over if you choose the right optican. By ‘the right optician’, I mean a company who have access to the latest technologies (not the case in most places) and have a good, educational approach, to help you make the right decision. We work hard to make sure we’re a company that brings new technologies to the market first and educates our customers as much as possible.

You can find lots more advice in my book ‘how to choose the perfect glasses’, which you can request for free here. Or feel free to ask me any questions via twitter @specfactory, or by calling us on 01772 312213.

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