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Friendly service, thanks to Robert who took the time and care to ensure that I was happy with my new glasses. I would definitely recommend.

- Paul Wellman


Visited the Spectacle Factory a couple of weeks ago for the first time. James did my eye test and was very thorough and informative. Chose a pair of glasses afterwards with the help of another member of staff. Great customer service. I have always gone to high street opticians before and never sure what glasses suit me. I was allowed to take my time and offered helpful advice. Love my new glasses which I picked up with the week. I will be returning to the Spectacle factory in the future. Far superior in terms of quality and customer service compared to other opticians I have been too.

- J B


My wife and I both have great glasses (and sunglasses) from The Spectacle Factory. Right from our very first visit we have been very impressed with the highest level of care and attention to detail, both with eye tests and the choice of lenses and frames. They seem to have a flair for helping you to choose the right glasses. Once your order is ready, nothing is too much trouble to ensure that the fit and the suitability of your glasses is perfect for your needs and that you are completely happy. Their ongoing service is second to none. We can highly recommend The Spectacle Factory..

- Geoff Gosling


Came in today for help with some frames, repaired no questions asked, there and then on the spot Brilliant service

- Alex


All the staff are so helpful and switched on to all your requirements I would recommend them all day what a good experience

- Roy gardiner


The Spectacle Factory offer me the kind of customer service and ability to customise my choice of spectacles that just is simply not available on the High Street. From Initial contact, to delivery of the finished product, you are treated like a loyal friend. Nothing is too much trouble. Unbiased advise, on choosing the correct spectacles for your particular application. A vast range of frames from the very cheapest to the latest designer frames. I choose the Spectacle Factory, because they can provide me with, customised glasses, to align with my particular needs and requirements. Most high street opticians have a 'one size fits all' attitude. The Spectacle Factory does not subscribe to this theory and treats every client as an individual. Their eye sight is very comprehensive and is 50% longer than the industry standard. If you value your eyesight, and want the very best care, this is the place to visit.

- Paul van de Rooy


Rob and the team were excellent help with the professionalism and advise . I will become a faithful member of the spectacle factory!! Thanks again team

- Dan Amin



- James


Excellent advice with a fantastic product range,

- Thomas Sayer


Highly recommend The Spectacle Factory - excellent service will definitely be using again.

- Hattie

Why Non-Brand Glasses are better

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-A Case Study-

A friend recently sent me a picture of a pair of Dior glasses, and after asking my opinion on them (I thought the style was perfect), asked me to source them for him.

The Dior Black Tie frames my friend originally wanted

The easiest thing in the world for me would have been to say yes. But instead I advised there was a nearly identical pair from the same manufacturer, which was better quality, for the same price… Just not Dior.

The Safilo Burrata frames I suggested


Now, brands carry a lot of weight for many people. But if you look at some of the celebrities, for example, who wear the most stylish glasses, you probably haven’t heard of the company that makes their eyewear.

And there’s a reason for that. Those who know, know that the best glasses come from independent designers; from companies who only make glasses and nothing else.

Video shows the manufacturing process of Safilo’s own-brand frames – the same company who manufactures Dior frames.

You’ve got Lewis Hamilton, who wears Thom Browne and Ahlem. There’s Oprah Winfrey who wears Kuboraum… Then you’ve got Johnny Depp who wears Moscot and Anglo American.

Celebrities wearing their independent eyewear

Anyway, back to my friend… He’s a guy who likes nice things, he wears designer clothes, and he always dresses pretty well. But I also notice he’s not scared to go with independent brands either (he wears a MVMT watch, for example).

But when it comes to glasses, the general thinking is that brands means better, so I was a bit nervous as to whether he would take my advice.

I sent him a video we filmed about Safilo’s signature collection, and what goes into them. In the video, we talked about how the frames are made by hand in Italy, just like most designer glasses. We also demonstrated their innovative new hinge design, which is arguably the best hinge on any pair of glasses in the world.

Anyway, he took my advice (yay!) and we’re now discussing which lenses will be best for him. But I thought this would make an interesting case study for anyone considering if ‘designer glasses’ are worth it. I’m not saying they are bad, but independent eyewear brands (like Safilo) are usually better.

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