Varifocals in Garstang

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Varifocals in GarstangFor varifocals in Garstang, The Spectacle Factory is the place to visit. These lenses are called varifocals because vision varies and we need a corrective lens that lets us see distance, mid-distance and close for reading. Rather than wear reading glasses on a chain around your neck, keep distance glasses for driving on the car dash and squint while watching T.V., you can have it all in one pair of glasses. The lens of varifocals have three parts for close, mid and far vision. The top is for distance and bottom is for close work. The transition middle portion is good for mid vision. There are no lines; just a gradual changing of prescription from top to bottom of the lens. You might hear varifocals described as progressive lenses.

There are multiple options for Varifocals so you can adapt them for your lifestyle. For instance in Garstang, varifocals can have a larger viewing top section for distance gradually moving down the lens to reading strength. You can also get protective Varifocals that block UV rays and eliminate glare. Choose your lens material for feather light on your face or solid, sturdy and scratch proof. When you choose us at The Spectacle Factory to find out your prescription at the different focal points, it will be accurate and treat you to the clearest lens you’ve ever worn. Now with varifocals you can see everything. Go about your day with one pair of glasses instead of scrambling for the right pair when you need to read or another when driving the highways.

For over twenty years, our goal has always been better vision and varifocals in Garstang boosts that standard up another few notches. Make an appointment with us for: In depth eye exams utilising the finest technology; custom lenses to suit your lifestyle; over 1000 frame styles from which you can choose; the finest designer frames, and now varifocals so you can see everything with one awesome pair of glasses. Contact us today and you will enjoy your custom eyeglasses especially when our staff members provide you with a perfect fit for comfort and optimum vision. Value for value, we won’t be undersold so you’ll enjoy your glasses even more knowing you got the best price possible.

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