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Minimalist products are something that many of us are attracted to. But what defines minimalism? Take an iPad. Beneath its exterior, it might be complex, but aesthetically, it’s simple. Clean. Iconic. It’s a style accessory in addition to its utility. It makes you feel good to own one and use one every day.

You can think of these glasses like an iPad… but for your face. Inside this handmade leather case is a pair of Springe glasses (we’ll come back to talking about the name) from the Undostrial series by Lucas de Stael in Paris. Time to open this up and see what we’re looking at.

Undostrial Springe frames with their leather case

The trend of minimalism is definitely crossing over to eyewear in recent years. Thick, heavy, bold frames are no longer in. Now it’s all about frames like this. The style of the Springe frame is super clean and simple. They say form follows function and functionally, these glasses are superb. Lightweight and really comfortable. Like the iPad, look beneath the surface and there’s a lot more that goes into these glasses than initially meets the eye.

First of all, you’ve got a one piece construction, which means no screws. Therefore they need virtually no maintenance. The chassis is made from high quality surgical steel which is hypoallergenic and strong, and the frame needs to be tough, because it’s got to hold the lenses under constant tension, after all, given there are no screws. Finally, rubberised nose pads and end tips give really good grip but without any pressure on the face.

And now we get on to the most unique aspect of the Springe glasses, which is how they got their name. Springe stands for spring hinge, and of course most glasses have springs in their hinges, but this pair literally have a spring for a hinge. And that’s what makes them incredibly flexible. You could tie them in knots!

Close up of the spring built into the frame side.

They’ll withstand almost anything, and the spring means there’s never any pressure on the side of your head either. There are loads of shapes you can choose from, and you can have any in either the pure brushed steel like this one, black or gold. But I chose this pair for the video as they are kind of the quintessential minimalist frames in the round shape and brushed steel finish.

I hope you’ve found this feature interesting, and maybe I’ve inspired you in choosing your next pair of glasses. We are always on hand to give you personal style advice, and if you like this type of frame, we could help you find a pair that is perfect for you. You can follow me on Twitter, where I share lots of other ideas and opinions all about style and vision:

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