3 Steps to Better Vision

Would you like high definition vision? Improved contrast and clarity? wider peripheral vision, or even brighter night vision? What if someone could show you exactly how much better your world could look?

Most people who wear glasses expect that, as long as they have lenses made to their most recent prescription, they will have good vision. The reality is that the technology used to manufacture the lens can have at least as much of an impact as the prescription itself.

If you want the best possible sight, The Spectacle Factory can help bring things back into focus. Here’s how using the most advanced vision technology available.


PRESCRIPTION: Our expert optometrists spend 50% longer than the industry average, and use the latest equipment, to get the most accurate results possible.

Our team includes a PhD graduate and a university lecturer, so you’ll be seen by some of the most highly qualified optometrists around.


Using VisuReal software on our in-store iPads, you can see the world through many types of lenses with your prescription incorporated.

Using this software is easy; just point the iPad at whatever you want to look at, for example out into the distance, or at the page of a book, and you see exactly how it will look through any type of lens.

The lens type that you choose can affect everything from the clarity of your peripheral vision, to the sharpness of your night vision.


We analyse you using the most sophisticated measuring system, the iTerminal, and incorporate your personal data into your lenses.

This includes important criteria:

  • POSTURE : To make your vision more comfortable according to your natural habits.

  • LEADING EYE : To improve your ability to re-focus at different distances.

  • POSITION : The exact position of your lenses on your face to give you the sharpest clarity of vision.


By selecting the perfect lens design together, and incorporating your unique data, we guarantee you better vision. You experience the world through your eyes. Capture more of it than ever before, because seeing is believing.

Image viewed through two different lenses with the same prescription