Rimless Glasses in Brindle

Rimless Glasses in Croston

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Rimless Glasses in BrindleRimless glasses in Brindle are right for you if you would like to make your spectacles less noticeable. The arms and nose pieces are usually as small as possible to reduce the visibility of the glasses. These are a good choice if you want to reduce the impact of wearing spectacles on your appearance. Tiny screws are used to hold the arms and nose pieces onto the lenses making them light to wear. There is no frame to block lines of sight and they look ultra-modern and stylish. These elegant and trendy glasses are reasonably priced and you are not restricted with lens shapes and sizes. They allow for individual shapes such as rectangles or spherical shapes and can be customised to suit your requirements.

You do not need to have coloured frames on your spectacles, as, in Brindle, rimless glasses are also available. Some frames can prevent some peripheral vision and cause optic distortion so rimless glasses remove these problems. We spend time assessing your needs when you come to us for a consultation and can thereby ensure you get the best possible vision for your lifestyle. We tailor make a unique solution to fit you perfectly. We guarantee the best glasses at the best price.

If you are looking for rimless glasses in Brindle, we can assist you. Contact The Spectacle Factory today and make an appointment to see our highly qualified opticians. One of our opticians is a university lecturer and the other is a PhD graduate. They spend 50 % longer than the industry average and use the latest equipment to get the most accurate results possible.  The technology used to make the lenses can have at least as much of impact as the prescription itself. We are a manufacturing optician rated as one of the best in our area. Our workshop can often have your new glasses ready for you quickly and our on-site workshop can ensure that your glasses are a perfect fit for your face. As you will have to wear your glasses all day they have to be as comfortable as possible.


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