Reading Glasses in Samlesbury

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reading glasses in SamlesburyYou may visit The Spectacle Factory just for a good pair of reading glasses in Samlesbury. That is fine if your newspaper print is getting a little blurry. Your eye health is the most important reason to visit with our clinicians. Our experienced optometrists provide a thorough and complete eye exam so any health issues will likely be revealed. A thorough exam may include a check for visual sharpness and color blindness. You will likely be given a sit-lamp test that allows the doctor to examine your eyelids, cornea, optic nerve and macula for signs of disease. You may or may not need glasses, but regular examinations will catch eye health problems early on when they can be more easily treated.

In Samlesbury reading glasses are prescribed by the optometrist at The Spectacle Factory will leave you pleased with your improved vision. Our technicians are very careful to get an exact prescription that will help you see your best. One tool we use is VisuReal software. Using your prescription you will view, on an iPad, several different lenses. The design and manufacture of the lens has a lot to do with how well you see with your prescription. You will choose the best for you. When your lenses are in the right place on your face you will experience your best vision. Careful measurements are taken  to make sure your eyeglasses sit perfectly.

At The Spectacle Factory you can often get same day service on reading glasses in Samlesbury. Wait until you see the huge selection of designer frames! Do not worry about having too many choices though because we have people to help you with that. Together you will determine what attractive frame best suits the contours of your face and eye shape. We have budget pleasing prices as well. For style, comfort, performance and durability at a price you can afford, The Spectacle Factory is the place for your eyeglass needs. It is also the best place to keep a watch on your eye health. For expert advice on reading glasses, contact The Spectacle Factory.

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