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Professionally Fitted Glasses in Buckshaw Village

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Professionally Fitted Glasses in Buckshaw Village No eyewear is more comfortable than our professionally fitted glasses in Buckshaw Village. Your eyesight is your primary gateway into the world. How you see things dictates your perception and understanding of them. Impaired vision limits the information you can perceive and gives you a disadvantage among your peers. Yet, glasses improve your eyesight and reduce the strain on your eyes. Although glasses are helpful, many don’t fit well and end up causing discomfort, awkward appearance and unnecessary posture strain. Your glasses don’t need to and discomfort but relieve it. Our professionally fitted glasses help to enhance your comfort and simplify your life holistically.

Several factors must be considered when designing a solution for your eyesight. Thus, in Buckshaw Village, our professionally fitted glasses begin with the prescription of your perfect lenses. We use advanced Zeiss technology to test your eyesight. Our test obtains your i.Scription, a measurement that is considered to be 25 times more accurate than regular eye prescription tests. Next, we use Virtual Reality (VR) technology to show you how you would see through the new lenses. Finally, we help you select the best frames for your face and style. We use the Visufit 1000 technology to show you 3D imagery of how you look in your selected frames. The Visufit 1000 also helps us to measure and adjust the frames to suit your eye focal points, perception angles and posture.

We are among the leading providers of professionally fitted glasses in Buckshaw Village. Our use of technology minimises human error and helps us work faster than the average eye store. We can produce about 99% of the lenses we prescribe in our onsite lab shortly after completing your eye test. In effect, coming to us for an eye test and spectacle design holds several advantages. You will get better fitting, higher quality, more accurate glasses in less time than ever before. Contact The Spectacle Factory today if you need high-quality glasses. We have professional staff trained in customer care and etiquette who will ensure you enjoy our services from the moment you enter our centre.

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