Professional Eye Test in Broughton, Protect Your Vision

eye test in Broughton

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eye test in BroughtonOur top quality eye test in Broughton will help protect your precious vision. We also care equally about your safety and well-being in the current pandemic situation. Our team takes our responsibility very seriously and as an NHS service provider, we remain open only by appointment. We understand your need for regular eye-health check-ups because they help to identify potential problems before they turn into major issues.As such, we assure you of hygienic best practices in our spacious and modern premises. The entire place is kept regularly disinfected and sanitised, and since a large part of it comprises glass surfaces, the process is thorough and swift. Our team wears gloves and masks, and the testing process is in keeping with social distancing norms. We clean every pair of glasses/frames individually before you try them on.

For our clients in Broughton, eye test services will meet your individual needs and budget. We stock all the leading national and international brands of lenses, frames and sunglasses. Once you’ve selected the frames that best suit you, we’re glad to provide you with your glasses within the hour, in 99% of cases. This is because we have our own on-site lab and technical facilities. We encourage you to relax and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at our safe, clean and hygienic waiting area while you wait for your glasses. If you need urgent repairs or replacements, we are glad to give you the right assistance.

A regular eye test in Broughton is the best way to look after your eyes. Most people neglect eye health and only attend to it when a specific problem crops up. The eye test is not just a route to getting your prescription updated, it is an important way to check the general health of your eyes. When you need an eye test, contact The Spectacle Factory. Our team has the qualifications, training and experience. They can help to spot early symptoms of problems and eye conditions that you may not have been aware of. We are your partners in ensuring perfect eye health and well-being.

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