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The EyeBag® is a convenient silk and cotton device filled with flax seeds. You heat it up each time in a microwave and medical research confirms that the EyeBag® is both safe and effective for treating the following conditions:

  1. Blepharitis
  2. Dry Eye Syndromes
  3. Styes
  4. Eyelid Cysts (a Meibomian cyst is known as a chalazion)
  5. Contact Lens Dry Eye
  6. Corneal Laser associated Dry Eye
  7. Rosacea
  8. Sjögren’s syndrome (which is rare and probably accounts for less than one in every thousand patients with dry eye symptoms in the UK)


Usually people use the heated EyeBag® for 5-10 minutes twice a day for the first two weeks and then once a day, as needed, thereafter.


When the heated EyeBag® is applied to the upper face, covering the closed eyelids, it warms through the eyelids, softening and melting the meibomian secretions, releasing them onto the surface of the eye and giving instant relief.

If you use one or more of the lubricant eye drops (commonly known as artificial tears) to help relieve the symptoms of dry eye, you would benefit from using the MGDRx EyeBag® on the same regular basis. You should find that you use less eye drops and in some cases you may not need to use eye drops at all.


Simply heat the EyeBag® for 30 or 40 seconds on full power (follow instructions provided with every EyeBag®) before placing it over closed eyelids and relaxing with it in place for 10 minutes.

After warming, immediately massage the closed eyelids using one of the EyeLid Massage Techniques described. This should dramatically improve your symptoms over a few days.


Published results of independent research carried out in Birmingham UK, Montreal Canada and Aukland New Zealand, confirm the EyeBag® is both safe and effective.

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